VT farmers market: Sourcing Fruit & Veg!

10 March 2020

Veronica, our farmers market specialist 😎sources all goods for the market stall and is at The View Tube every Wednesday selling, dancing, and bringing smiles to all!
But where does all this tasty produce come from? 🥗
Having worked at several farmers markets across London, Veronica’s made connections with some of the greenest, tastiest suppliers in the UK. Veggies on sale at VT market come from Wild Country Organics, a soil association certified farm in Cambridge, that grow a range of vegetables, from heritage tomatoes, courgette flowers and tomatillos. Herbs, tomatoes and salad leaves including Shiso, Summer Savoury (Sarriette) Mexican Tarragon and edible Chrysanthemum are some of their signature crops too. You’ll also find your good old staples including potatoes, onion and leeks, perfect for roasts & soups!
On sale are also some of the freshest juices and fruits from Brambletye, West Sussex. What makes Brambletye Fruit Farm one our favourites is that it’s strictly biodynamic! This means that the farm is treated as a living organism, self-contained and self-sustainable. All farm outputs are fed back into the farming process, making this one the best farming methods for those who care about the environment, sustainability, and organic farming.

The farm is also home to some very curious and free ranging hens who lay the eggs on sale. Apples grow in the orchards, and once ripe are used to create raw, unpasteurised juices or sold whole and delicious! Seasonal foods including strawberries, currants, blueberries, blackberries, gooseberries and pears plus jams, bottled fruit, cider vinegar and cider are also available as mother nature produces them. You’ll also find a delicious range of oyster mushrooms on sale!

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