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Nigel’s bike container offers a range of bike services for locals and visitors

Pop along for bike hire, cycle training with “Cycle Confident”, basic bike servicing and bike sales. Or just to talk bikes!


Individual bike hire is £5 / hour or £16 / day
Group discounts apply

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Telephone: 07534 053516

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9am till 5pm including weekends (closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays)


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Nigel King

Nigel’s been with The View Tube since 2011 and remains our go-to man for anything cycling-related! Originally a visitor back in 2010 after being charmed by the distinct, unusual look of the place, his aspirations of having his own bike shop were later realised when a redundancy coincided with The View Tube’s hunt for a new manager for its bike project. 

He began to run the bikes container during weekends, which was perfect timing as the following year welcomed the Olympic Park events, bringing visitors both local and from afar to the area along with plenty of camera crews! The bikes allowed visitors to enjoy the beautiful, buzzing scenery and explore the expansive area in the midst of one of the biggest global sporting events. 


During May to October 2012 The View Tube closed ahead of the main Olympic events, but upon return the gardens had transformed into an overgrown oasis in need of a bit of TLC. Gardening projects soon launched which saw new planting and raised beds emerge, underpinned by the ethos of sustainability and working in nature- you’ll now see a range of wildflowers growing in harmony with beautiful big sunflowers! 

Nigel’s seen many faces come and go, including a school that used the top floor office, which has now welcomed the award-winning social enterprise Dot Dot Dot. He also saw the birth of our arts and crafts scene, now a place where freelancers with a penchant for the arts and creativity rent studios for their work. We are now ready to welcome more and have several studios up for rent! 

Nowadays Nigel provides a buzzing hub for cycling, with over 35 bikes for all age ranges, bike repairs and a spot for training with cycling organisations like Cycle Confident, Tower Hamlets Cycling and Newham Cyclists. Up to ten instructors have been helping people learn to cycle, with Nigel’s bikes proving to be a great resource for the local community and visitors alike who want to enjoy cycling. Group sessions run every Saturday from 10-2pm and one-to-one sessions take place on weekends, whilst various groups and individuals frequent the container during the week. 

Underpinning his work at VT bikes is Nigel’s interest in the community and ethos of offering a helping hand. Using the bikes is low cost and free to those who are training- giving people the opportunity to gain a new or forgotten skill is what makes a difference to him and the people using his bikes. Aside from visitors from around the world, local people looking for a fun hobby or family activity are welcomed. The bikes also serve as an aid to health and wellbeing- many who come to use the bikes have been advised by GP’s to increase their activity to improve their physical or mental health. Whilst cycling might be intimidating at first, having an affordable and welcoming option is what we and Nigel believe will make a difference in our local community and get more people enjoying the benefits of cycling. 

All are welcome here so come on down! If you are interested in renting a studio space, please contact Rhnay for more information at