Morning Yoga, Saturday 17th July

16 July 2021

Join us for Yoga this Saturday in our green view tube gardens for an energising start to the weekend 😌

Yoga is a gentle and mindful way to exercise and reconnect with your body. It has so many benefits that can be helpful to everyone, no matter your body, age, fitness or mobility.
Besides being a fun and friendly activity, yoga helps you become physically stronger and more flexible. It is relaxing and helps you reconnect with your body, making it a perfect stress relieving activity. Regular practice can lead to noticeable improvements in your health and well-being, with a reduction in depression, anxiety, chronic pain and sleeping problems.
Our classes are hosted by Vinyasa yoga instructor Giorgia Moras, and welcomes all levels including absolute beginners. Giorgia‘s classes are gentle, enthusiastic and inclusive. We’re sure you’ll love spending time in the tranquil green spaces of the view tube too – and grabbing a drink together afterwards!

yoga 17th july 8am-9am

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