Learning to Cycle

28 October 2019

We caught up with some our cycling enthusiasts at the View Tube!

Rogan Macdonald- Cycle Confident Freelance Instructor 

“I usually teach cycling classes for schools but during the holidays you’ll often find me at The View Tube. Some people might want to learn to cycle from scratch, whereas others want to get into cycling after a long break, or simply want to improve their confidence so they can cycle independently and use bikes as an alternative transport to buses and trains.

The View Tube is a great venue to provide cycling training for the local community, not only because Nigel has all the equipment you need to get going, but the area has large versatile spaces. You’ll find areas with flat tarmac which are great for beginners, and more interesting areas like the Olympic Park and Hackney Marshes. We also cycle through the greenway and canals which are great offroad options for beginners and seasoned cyclists alike.

And you can’t beat a nice slice of cake and coffee at the View Tube cafe after a good cycle! ”


Safina Shaheen- Learner 

“It’s my second time at the View Tube cafe, I remember visiting during the summer time and having a fantastic breakfast! Now I’m back to use the bikes as well! I wanted to find a quiet local space to ride and get more confident. I’m learning with Rogan and it’s going great. It’s also close to the station and once you know your way here realise how convenient it is. I see all types of people  here and around the Olympic Parks, from cyclists and dog walkers to people visiting from other parts of the world. It is absolutely beautiful during the summertime, and even in this rainy autumn we are making the most of the cycling routes!”


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