Kina’s Handcraft

14 November 2019

Kina, one of our stall holders at VT Farmers Market, has brought a spot of comfort and coziness to The View Tube with her handcraft! She sells a range of items including hats, scarves, crochet blankets and cushions to name a few. She’s also environmentally conscious, providing a range of re-useable cloths that are perfect for cleaning and washing up, and small, soft pads which can be used for makeup removal and cleansing.

Kina’s been knitting since she was 8 years old. It was very much a family activity and something she enjoyed doing with her grandmothers. But having Dyslexia also meant that knitting offered Kina a creative outlet during challenges with reading and school work. The beautiful pieces she crafted gave her a sense of achievement and enjoyment, and it’s clear to see why! Creative hobbies like knitting do not just result in lovely handmade pieces- it can be a personally rewarding, mindful hobby as well. Did you know that knitting improves cognitive function, memory, concentration and relieves stress, not to mention being a great digital detox! Her love for handcraft has resulted in both a passion and sideline business, and Kina hopes to continue knitting, crochet and plans to start working with textiles too. We can’t wait to see her work!

You can find Kina at our Farmers Market next Wednesday and see more of her pieces here!

Don’t forget to drop by our next farmers market on Wednesday 20th!

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