Healthy January with VT Farmers Market

9 January 2020

Our midweek farmers market is back by popular demand, making 2020 a marker for healthy, fresh and organic grocery shopping!

At the end of the year many of us make big resolutions, soon finding ourselves failing to keep up with them. It’s often a mantra that we tell ourselves about getting healthy and losing weight- our most popular new years resolution and the hardest to stick to! But we should go about changes a different way- the secret to change (and sticking to it) is starting small.

Setting realistic goals is key to adopting new behaviours. For example if you’ve never been to the gym, deciding to go 5 times a week this month isn’t going to stick for long- you will ache and struggle with motivation. If you eat an unhealthy diet, deciding to cut out all of the bad foods immediately will result in too many cravings and too much guilt for wanting a slice of cake! The better way to go about our resolutions is to start with a small change and grow from there- aim for a couple of gym sessions per week, or aim to replace one or two unhealthy foods for healthier options. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is and you’ll be feeling much more motivated from your success!

Our farmers market, with its fresh organic delights, is here to help us make those small changes:

  • Cut down on fizzy drinks, instead go a bottle of fresh juice
  • Add a portion of fresh veggies to your meal
  • Substitute candies for a packet of organic chocolate (read up about it here!)
  • Swap sugar with raw honey to stabilise your blood sugar
  • Buy a freshly baked pastry or slice of our carrot cake if you’re craving something sweet, but want fewer preservatives
  • Support sustainable produce- all of our foods are organic and UK grown

We look forward to seeing you at our market! We’re open every Wednesday 9am-4pm @ The View Tube 💚


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