Film Nights with The New Black Film Company

22 October 2019

On Wednesday 25th September, the View Tube welcomed a full house of film enthusiasts to it’s movie night, planned and hosted by Veronica and Priscilla Igwe of The New Black Film Collective (TNBFC) and Poplar HARCA. 

TNBFC began as a training programme back in 2008 with the mission of growing the black media sector and becoming a resource for film lovers and filmmakers alike. Since then it has grown into a nationwide network of film exhibitors, educators and programmers. They feature international and domestic films of black representation for the local community, as well as providing consultancy, marketing, distribution, education and training to the public, companies and schools.

As October marks the celebration of Black History Month in the UK, we invite you to enjoy film screenings of Black representation at The View Tube that are free and welcome to all. You can look forward to a pic’n’mix of films from the African Diaspora and a great halloween lineup featuring Black actors driving the narrative- a positive step towards racial equality and representation within the film industry. We’re also selling delicious food and drink options in the cafe if we hadn’t tempted you enough already!

Watch this space for more listings of films for next few months….. make your winter evenings warmer and brighter by joining the VT: cinema club!

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