Farmers Market

Welcome to the View Tube Farmers Market! We sell fresh, UK grown, Organic produce for the community to enjoy midweek

We’re open at The View Tube, along The Greenway on Wednesdays 10-6pm and Thursdays-Sundays 12-6pm

A farmers market comes to Stratford…

Our farmers market was born in Autumn 2019, after the VT team came up with a plan to expand their community hub in the heart of Stratford. The View Tube had undergone new changes over the summer, welcoming new management and a Brazilian Cafe which has since brought us delicious, authentic cuisine from South America. With VT bikes providing a cycling haven and Dot Dot Dot property working in the offices above, we felt our hub had the potential to grow and welcome new community activities for people in Stratford. Since then, we’ve launched poetry groups, hosted clothes swaps, Feijoada events, and held fantastic community film nights with Veronica and Priscilla Igwe from The New Black Film Collective.

Being women of different trades and talents, Veronica and Priscilla had worked with farmers markets across London and could see the potential to use the view tube as a venue for a midweek market. Veronica saw the community’s interest in healthy lifestyles and desire for organic, local food. She wanted to provide fresh produce from UK farmers to meet the demand for sustainable, organic, high quality food as an alternative from the traditional supermarket shop.  She persevered through the harsh winter time and slowly but surely grew a loyal following. Come spring 2020, her market is booming and providing the community with a delicious range of food from The Celtic Bakers, Brambletye Fruit Farm, Heritage Cheese UK, Gemini Chocolate, Bermondsey St Bees, Dominee’s Donuts and the list keeps growing! Ivy and the Wolf have joined the market on weekends with amazing plants (and an adorable doggo) and more stall holders plan to join our mini market oasis, which we’re very excited about!