Calling all Chocolate Lovers!

7 February 2021

Calling all Chocolate Lovers!
Gemini’s award-winning organic vegan chocolate is a game changer! With a carefully timed ageing process and use of quality ingredients including Peruvian Criollo cacao beans, Gemini Chocolate makes every bite special with a delicious and complex flavour. Their chocolate is sweetened using palmyra tree blossom, a nutritious, low GI unrefined sugar. It is also dairy, gluten, soya, and emulsifier free, and packed with organic whole foods such as coconuts, hazelnuts, dates and almonds 💚

Come down to ViewTube Farmers Market every Wednesday and Thursday (10-5pm), and at weekends (12-5pm) to get yours and enjoy this seriously good treat! 🍫

Gemini Chocolate

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