Viewtube Market

Welcome to Viewtube Market! We are open to applications from organic food producers, artisan creators and local businesses.

If you’d like to join our market please complete our Viewtube Market Application Form


A farmers market comes to Stratford…

Our farmers market was born in Autumn 2019, after the VT team came up with a plan to expand their community hub in the heart of Stratford. The View Tube had undergone new changes over the summer, welcoming new management and a Brazilian Cafe which has since brought us delicious, authentic cuisine from South America. With VT bikes providing a cycling haven and Dot Dot Dot property working in the offices above, we felt our hub had the potential to grow and welcome new community activities for people in Stratford. Since then, we’ve launched poetry groups, hosted clothes swaps, cooked up Feijoada events, and held fantastic community film nights with Veronica and Priscilla Igwe from The New Black Film Collective.


Viewtube Market expands!

Summer 2020 has seen the market grow, welcoming Patrizia, a tattoo artist and creative soul who joined the Viewtube studios to continue her portfolio work. Together with other local business owners, she runs Artisan stalls selling a range of handcraft, fashion and textiles. You’ll find Patrizia and different stall holders here on weekends alongside our farmers market, and we welcome new faces!